Medos šokių sudija Meda šokių trenerė

Meda Bagušinskė

Dancing for me means much more than steps and music. It's like a box where you can find emotions, feelings, fears, human characteristics. Ability to plan goals, persistence, recovering after failures and supporting people helped me to achieve wonderful victories.


Most valuable achievements in dancing:

As dancer

Pergalės varžybose

  • Lithuanian Ballroom and Latin American dances champion.
  • The champion of closed World Dance Championship in Germany.

As trainer

I became trainer very naturally. I was still participating in competitions when some of dancers started offering me to train them. I could solve their dancing problems very quickly because of high dancing qualification and knowledge of human learning principles. As a result my dancers are constant leaders of competitions since 2009 year.

As judge

In 2015 Lithuanian Ballroom Dance Association gave the opportunity to judge in dance competitions all over the world.

Improvement of qualification

  • Participating in lecture given by world professional ballroom champion Arūnas Bižokas.
  • Individual training with Latin dance expert Karina Smirnoff.

Important fact:

I work with children and their parents as a psychologist. So I can call myself as "dancing psychologist"!

Dance trainer

Meda Bagušinskė

tel. +370 616 31618